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Nachtigallenweg 3, 55543 Bad Kreuznach

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Walk from the Parking lot Kurhaus to ACURADON healing, for more Details simply click on the image

The ACURADON healing tunnel is located in Bad Kreuznach, Park, directly to the Nearby, about 400 meters from the Parking lot to the Kurhaus and 80 meters to the right of the Hotel Quellenhof.

By mail the address is:

ACURADON healing

Nachtigallenweg 3
55543 Bad Kreuznach

He can be reached in two ways convenient walking distance to:

  1. If you are with the Passenger car arriving, you can click the public Parking directly at the Kurhaus in front of the Crucenia health centre, Kurhausstr. 22-24, 55543 Bad Kreuznach Parking.

This is the closest public Parking lot to the tunnel entrance. This is the address that should be in your Navigation system to enter, there is a direct access by car only in exceptional cases (see below) is possible. In the tourist information, as well as in the health centre, you can also discuss any questions you may have about your stay in Bad Kreuznach or on the radon therapy or other medizinischenn applications persönliich.

2. From there, follow the signs to the “radon tunnel”,

by crossing the Nearby to the left of the Crucenia Spa on the pedestrian bridge and walk directly along the follow Close by the idyllic, car-free Kurpark up to the tunnel entrance. The way to get there is around 400 meters and is suitable for disabled, the tunnel itself is wheelchair access certified. Please allow around 10 minutes for the walk from the Parking lot to the studs.

  1. Or, you can use the public Parking lot at the ACURA centre for rheumatic, Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße 9 – 11. The walk can be extended, however, to about 300 meters, and an additional 5 minutes. Please simply enter the two above-mentioned addresses into your navigation system.
  2. If You Patient in the ACURA Karl-Aschoff clinic or in the vicinity of parked, you can put alternatively, the return of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Straße via the pedestrian bridge in the direction of the Hotel Quellenhof Close to cross and then on the right of the Nachtigallenweg in the direction of the Spa gardens, the last about 80 m to the studs.

For all the guests who need a direct access from the tunnel, the one with the appropriate proof of prior registration Exemption in the town of Bad Kreuznach, of course, be arranged. Please contact us in advance, we will assist you with this.

If you public transport on arriving, select their Terminus in the vicinity of the Spa Crucenia health centre / tourist info, Kurhausstraße 23, 55543 Bad Kreuznach and follow the signs to “radon tunnel” (see section 1 above).

You can find us on Google Maps >>

So it goes
Patients report
I have been for some years good experience with the positive effect of radon therapy on my ailments (arthritis, Psoriasis) and in the last few years, the Radon Healing Tunnel in Bad Gastein in Austria and the Radon baths in Bad Brambach in the Vogtland met. Due to the uncomplicated use, I Kreuznach was the first time in the bathroom. And it is actually just as easy to take the therapy to the agreed date, as in the prospectus announced. No Waiting, no preparation time - it starts immediately and you spend the therapy hour in a relaxed atmosphere in the radon tunnel. The staff, especially the very friendly, helpful and understanding woman m. it should be mentioned, are very keen to accompany your stay is as comfortable as possible. In addition, the tunnel is only a few minutes walk from the hotel in the middle of the resort, right on the Hiking and Cycling trail (very well developed and signposted). I'll definitely be back. Thank You!
Gabriele Bitterlich
in June of 2021
Since 2 years I was the radon tunnel in Bad Kreuznach, due to various rheumatic complaints. The therapy works very well on my complaints, and has ensured that I have to take after 15 years of daily use of pain killers, now no more medicine. After the therapy, I'm almost a year of pain.
Bas Luiten at the 07.09.2020
Amersfoort/Leusden, NL
Pain therapy in Germany's only radon healing tunnel

Finally Pain-Free,
this is possible!

For over 100 years
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If you have further questions about the radon therapy or to the company, please use the contact form or directly contact the ACURADON Team:

Your direct line to the senior management ACURADON

Telefon: +49 (0)176 36 3047 36

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