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Press kit
ACURADON radon therapy

Pain therapy in the ACURADON healing, Bad Kreuznach, Germany

For those interested, we have compiled a digital press kit for ACURADON healing great therapy. Among other things, you can find here:

  • the ACURADON information, including statements of patients en
  • the 45 min. Information from the Federal foreign office with scientific backgrounds and patient statements
  • the contribution of 3SAT TV
  • the contribution of SWR Fernsehen from 29.09.2019
  • the press report of VRM media from 05.10.2019
  • Links to our latest press releases
  • Pictures for free editorial use media, or Blogs (For Save in full size, click on the image and then save on the Desktop)
  • a brief description of the Radon-healing and the radon therapy
Video: The Foreign office reported on the ACURADON radon therapy

The Foreign office Kreuznach reported in a Video post about the treatment of pain with Radon in the bathroom:

The 3sat science documentary reported in the transfer of “pain, Begone!” on eight alternative pain therapies, from Minute 35 over the radon Kreuznach great in the bathroom. You can find the article here.

Press releases

Here you will find the current Press releases of ACURADON.

The most Important thing at a Glance
  • Effective pain therapy in chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases
  • Long-lasting inflammation and pain relief-lasting
  • Comfortable therapy application accessibility and filtered air
  • Comprehensive Expertise to radon and therapy of rheumatic diseases on the spot
Images from the radon great in Bad Kreuznach

For the Download of the images, the photos by Clicking on them to enlarge, and then save on the Desktop. The pictures are a reference to the source “Acuradon” free-for publication.

Figure 1: The entrance of the radon great in the spring

Figure 2: The Crucenia health centre in
Bad Kreuznach

Figure 3: patients in the Acuradon-healing therapy

Figure 4: The medical Director of the Radon-a medical assessment of Dr. Andreas Zoeller

Figure 5: The radon Kreuznach great in the bathroom

Brief description of radon therapy and healing Radon galleries

The ACURADON radon therapy is a treatment of pain for patients chronic inflammatory and rheumatic diseasesby the Inhalation of the natural healing using Radon a long-lasting inhibition of inflammation and relief of pain allows.

The radioactive Radon is studs in the "disturbances by Dr. Jöckel"-the only radon great in Germany, in small, medically effective doses inhaled. It is used in chronic diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, Psoriasis, scleroderma, degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as chronic muscle and joint pain after surgery.

Simple Therapy Application

The radon therapy in Bad Kreuznach is characterized by its ease of application: The tunnel is located on the ground floor and wheelchair access and can also be used by people with mobility limitations. At a constant room temperature and humidity in the generously-built therapy room stay can also benefit patients with cardiovascular disorders and fear of tight spaces, the therapy without any restrictions.

Allergy sufferers can benefit from the filter technology, which keeps the air in the tunnels, virtually free from dust and allergens. Inhalation at room temperature is carried out in everyday clothing, so that there are no restrictions in terms of cultural, religious, or personal clothing needs of the patients. A therapy consists of eight to twelve one-hour sessions, after which the Patient without further follow-up care in the everyday life can return.

Remedies Radon

The radioactive Gas Radon, which is included as a natural part of the breathing air, occurs in the Interior of the mountain, is by using the filter technique is cleaned of its decay products in the therapy directed great. This ensures that the patient inhale the medically necessary amount of pure radon for a successful pain therapy, without the possible risks.

By the Inhalation of the Radon gets into the bloodstream and are constantly in a weak alpha radiation. Experts believe that this low-dose radiation in the body a short stimulus that stimulates the immune system and as analgesic and anti-inflammatory. A total of radon therapy in patients with chronic pain offers a simple and effective Alternative for long-term pain relief up to a year.

For many, this means a large increase in quality of life, a significant reduction of other pain medications, and the associated side effects. The radon inhalation is a prescription drug and can only be used from the local Badeärzten be prescribed.

Long Tradition of radon inhalation

In 1912, Dr. Karl Aschoff discovered the radon occurrence in Bad Kreuznach, Stollen and used it for medical purposes. Since Radon is used as a traditional Kurheilmittel in Bad Kreuznach, usually in combination with other treatments. For over 100 years, the Inhalation takes place in the purpose-built therapy is great and has been represented since of disturbances by Dr. Hans Jöckel with great commitment and internationally.

Since 2014, operates the AccuMeda Group the studs and built under the name of ACURADON healing the radon therapy is a great more. You invested in equipment renovation, maintenance, and personnel. Every year, more patients in the tunnel, because they have to learn from other patients about the positive effects of the very simple and straightforward therapy. The traditional combination of radon inhalation and other rehabilitation treatments in Bad Kreuznach is now added to the comprehensive competence of rheumatology and autoimmune diseases on the spot, for example, by the ACURA clinics, and more.

More Information

If you need more information, please contact with us:

Business management ACURADON

Tel: 0671-298-33-66 or mobile: 0176-36-3047-36

So it goes
Patients report
For 30 years, I do once a year, a radon therapy in the tunnels and I am very grateful that it exists. The pain's gone on for months, the resulting quality of life is priceless! Everyone should try it with an appropriate indication, you can't say it often enough! Easier and more efficient, you can get no relief and freedom from pain!
Angelika Krziwon on 23.10.2020
Haltern am see
I came four years ago with crutches in the radon tunnel, have made the therapy now once a year, and I feel now the circumstances, really good. The tablets consumption and the strong painkillers I was able to reduce the therapy dramatically. This has done me more as well.
Detlef Daasch
The therapy is very pleasant, I'm going with my normal clothes in the studs, put the legs up, I read a book and can very well relax. For me, this is the optimal therapy.
Wolfgang Manger
High city
Pain therapy in Germany's only radon healing tunnel

Finally Pain-Free,
this is possible!

For over 100 years
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