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Healing tunnel for pain therapy

The ACURADON healing tunnel for pain therapy in cooperation with the town of Bad Kreuznach since 1912 in Germany's only Radon-Healing...
Radon therapy

Radon inhalation
with Tradition

Therapy hours

A 10 hour long relaxing hours of Therapy lead to lasting, effective pain relief

Unique features

unique unique characteristics, which can have no other Radon-pain treatment and in combination in the world

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Success rate

Regular surveys among patients confirm that 85% reported a significant reduction in pain and for 8 to 14 months, in whole or in part, on pain medications can do without.

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Years Of Experience

For the first time in a document in 1772, mentioned in the year as Rudolf great. After the discovery of the healing radon effect has been used since 1904 successful as an Inhalatorium.

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satisfied patients from all over the world

can be combated fascinated every year, such as simple, efficient and tested pain. Health is priceless, but you will be surprised with how little effort a pain-free life thanks to the ACURADON healing tunnel pain therapy is possible.

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Patients report live and learn in just 90 seconds how this unique pain therapy can also help you.
Pain therapy in Germany's only radon healing tunnel
Physiotherapy Patient

At what diseases the therapy to work?

Multiple Sclerosis
other diseases
Opening hours
von Montag bis einschließlich Samstag
The Radon tunnel

Natural pain therapy with Radon

The radon tunnel in Bad Kreuznach offers a unique Form of therapy against chronic pain. The simple and efficient ACURADON pain therapy with the natural remedies Radon is especially the case in chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis and fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and chronic muscle and joint pain after surgery.

The WORLD's only Radon Tunnel

35 unique features

35 good reasons for the unique ACURADON Healing Tunnel Bad Kreuznach
  • Conveniently located right in the middle of Germany

Bad Kreuznach is conveniently located in the heart of Germany in the scenic wine-growing region at the Close in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Koblenz tracks on well-maintained car in 20 to 50 minutes away. There are good transport links to Köln, Düsseldorf, Bonn and other cities.

  • 45 min to the airport or Frankfurt Central station, 60 km from the airport Hahn
  • easy access to highways and public transport, Bus and train
  • Bus stop directly at the Kurhaus
  • Within walking distance to the Spa gardens and the city center, Bad Kreuznach located

The ACURADON-healing is ideally located in the idyllic Spa Park of Bad Kreuznach is located directly to the Nearby, within walking distance to all town amenities, Restaurants, shops and within walking distance to the city centre, the Saline, the Curcenia thermal baths, the baths, the house, the salt cave, the ACURADON consulting office, the tourist office and other municipal facilities and services offered. Sufficient covered car Park.

  • Open all year from Monday to Saturday.
  • Pleasant, spacious ambience of a historic mine
  • Only 30 meters walk from the entrance into the therapy room
  • Wheelchair access certified access within the tunnel
  • Therapy room with a clear height of over 4.5 meters
  • Problem of free access for people with disabilities or claustrophobia
  • No restrictions for patients with a cardiac pacemaker, artificial joints or implants
  • No tedious, cumbersome and discharging, No waiting
  • No Pre - or post-processing times
  • Normal room temperature and humidity
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Access in your normal, comfortable everyday clothing
  • No Case
  • No Showers
  • No tedious entry tubs or swimming pools
  • No complicated or annoying inhalation apparatus
  • Allergen-arms, especially clean, dust-free air
  • Ideal for Allergy sufferers and people with respiratory symptoms or Asthma
  • Total duration of therapy is only an hour (no follow-up required!)
  • Immediately after the end of Therapy can be enjoyed immediately, other activities or, for example, driving a car
  • Family atmosphere in small groups
  • VIP services: individual therapy (!) on request: all The studs exclusively for you.
  • FLEX bookings with request appointments: you can come whenever you want.
  • Therapies possible every day, without strain on the heart and circulation
  • To integrate is perfect for professionals in the working day
    • Early, Late and weekend appointments
    • FLEX-Termie
    • daily arrival and departure possible
  • Effective, long-term pain relief
  • on an outpatient basis or in the context of a cure, a clinic, or holiday bookings
  • Health insurance subsidy possible
  • Also for self-payers amazingly cheap
  • Discounts for low-income people
  • Every Friday at 17.00 PM, free of charge, without registration, without preparation, just passing by.
  • Coming soon: benefits for ACURADON Club members
  • Coming Soon: Friends
  • over 100 years of experience
  • sustainable, effective pain relief
  • Elimination or significant reduction of pain killers spared the side effects and costs
  • 80 % success rate
  • Association (in preparation)
  • ACURADON Club (in preparation)

devoted, hardworking medical professional

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