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Barrier-Free Studs

Certified accessibility for the radon treatment

The radon great in Bad Kreuznach is officially accessible. With the certificate of "travel for All – accessibility-examined", presented by the Rhineland-Tourismus GmbH and the German Seminar for tourism, was great with easy access to the healing for people with mobility restrictions to certify.

The certificate attests to the studs, the accessibility level 1, "partially accessible" for people with walking difficulties. This accessibility means but for all of the patients have a comfortable and unanstrengenden access to this treatment of pain. The Central location in the Spa district located in studs is almost level with the ground and can be approached directly with the Private-car attached. Also a Transport by the Taxi can easily be arranged. The session studs and sanitary facilities are spacious and simply designed to be accessible to and during therapy, convenient offer the opportunity to complete the Inhalation in the absence of physical exertion. Of course, a place for patients, the perception of the therapy in a wheelchair is also sufficient.

Barrier-free therapy for all patients

Accessibility is not limited to the aspect of limited mobility. The conditions of the ACURADON radon inhalation allow the patient's overall a more comfortable therapy without obstacles.

  • The sessions will be completed in everyday clothes. Cultural-religious or personally-related needs in the points and apparel do not represent a hurdle.
  • The air in the tunnel is filtered with the latest technology, temperature and humidity correspond to those of an average room. The tunnel is also great for people with allergies, heart disease or high blood pressure, without limitation, possible.
  • The Inhalation through the respiratory system provides maximum comfort. There is no entry in a bath or the use of Inhalation devices is necessary, can be completed the therapy without physical effort.

More about the Sequence of sessions and the Diseaseswhere a pain therapy with Radon in question, you can find here.

On the sides of the Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH and German seminar for tourism you can find more information about the topic of the “Accessible travel”, as well as on the Homepage of the project “Travel for All”.

So it goes
Patients report
For 30 years, I do once a year, a radon therapy in the tunnels and I am very grateful that it exists. The pain's gone on for months, the resulting quality of life is priceless! Everyone should try it with an appropriate indication, you can't say it often enough! Easier and more efficient, you can get no relief and freedom from pain!
Angelika Krziwon on 23.10.2020
Haltern am see
Pain therapy in Germany's only radon healing tunnel

Finally Pain-Free,
this is possible!

For over 100 years
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