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Radon Pain Therapy

For people in the surrounding area from the Region of the Radon-pain therapy in the Bad Kreuznach is due to their straightforward implementation ideally, you Kreuznach on an outpatient basis, so without an Overnight stay in the bathroom, to perceive and integrate an effective pain therapy is convenient in everyday life.

Bad Kreuznach is conveniently located located in Germany, in the scenic wine-growing region at the Close: Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz, Koblenz cars are a good maintained car and a reliable rail network in 20 to 50 minutes away. There are good transport links to Köln, Düsseldorf, Bonn and other cities.

  • 45 min to the airport or Frankfurt Central station, 60 km from the airport Hahn
  • easy access to highways and public transport, Bus and train
  • Bus stop directly at the Kurhaus

Diseases associated with chronic joint or muscle pain, affect, Affected, often solid in your everyday life. Not only for the self-employed or farmers, or people, these are included for other reasons, business or family is strong, it is almost impossible more weeks of rehabilitation or Spa schedule. They therefore often a Radon-healing treatment and often have to rely on the permanent consumption of analgesics with the known adverse side effects. Here is the ACURADON healing offers great, the ONLY GERMAN radon healing, the possibility of an extremely short, simple, but effective therapy with a success rate of over 80 %.

Pain relief in everyday life

Effective pain relief that makes the waiver for the pain is possible, no more weeks of withdrawal from everyday life requires life and in the normal daily routine is well integrated, therefore, it corresponds to the needs of many patients. The ACURADON healing great therapy for all of these aspects.

  • Radon is a natural remedy for effective inhibition of inflammation, and long-term pain relief is a sensible Alternative to painkillers. Many patients can avoid over many months, in whole or in part, to their use.
  • The one-hour sessions that require no preparation, no Changing rooms, no showers and no time consuming and discharging. You do not have to be integrated, therefore, ideal in the course of the day, as the Inhalation is physically demanding and the Patient can resume the connection directly to other activities.
  • The radon inhalation in Bad Kreuznach can be perceived, therefore, with daily arrivals and Departures from the wider community easily as an outpatient Option.
  • Particularly suitable for this Option of our After-Work therapy appointments that take place between 17.00 and 20.00 PM. Especially our world unique FLEX-dates enable the start of therapy without registration, without waiting times. Just stop by if you have time. Easier and more flexible it really is not. Get the FLEX-dates in our Service adviser under the personal Hotline 0176-476-19-307 or You can combine the evening sessions also great with other dates on Saturday, so that the entire cycle of therapy can be distributed either compact in 8 to 12 days or over a period of about three weeks.
  • All 35 of the unique features and advantages of the unique ACURADON-healing great therapy learn more here

You want to be great on an outpatient basis in the Radon? Read “Booking of radon therapy” and you agree now Request appointments with the “FLEX-WARRANTY”

So it goes
Patients report
I have been for some years good experience with the positive effect of radon therapy on my ailments (arthritis, Psoriasis) and in the last few years, the Radon Healing Tunnel in Bad Gastein in Austria and the Radon baths in Bad Brambach in the Vogtland met. Due to the uncomplicated use, I Kreuznach was the first time in the bathroom. And it is actually just as easy to take the therapy to the agreed date, as in the prospectus announced. No Waiting, no preparation time - it starts immediately and you spend the therapy hour in a relaxed atmosphere in the radon tunnel. The staff, especially the very friendly, helpful and understanding woman m. it should be mentioned, are very keen to accompany your stay is as comfortable as possible. In addition, the tunnel is only a few minutes walk from the hotel in the middle of the resort, right on the Hiking and Cycling trail (very well developed and signposted). I'll definitely be back. Thank You!
Gabriele Bitterlich
in June of 2021
I've achieved in the case of osteoarthritis and soft tissue rheumatism good success, I can move much better, have no pain, I need no pain reliever and more, and the Operation is also.
Christine Pelz
in the SWR television interview on 29.09.2019
Pain therapy in Germany's only radon healing tunnel

Finally Pain-Free,
this is possible!

For over 100 years
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