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Radon Therapy & Spa

The combination of radon therapy and Spa in Bad Kreuznach, a more than 100-year-old Tradition. The Kreuznacher pharmacist and chemist Dr. Karl Aschoff (1867-1945) not only had the radon content in today's radon great to (1911/12), and founded the radon therapy, he also led the Kreuznach process: the combination of radon inhalation, Soleanwendungen and physiotherapy.

Radon & Spa in Bad Kreuznach

Even today, the ACURADON Radon pain therapy is great in combination with other treatments in Bad Kreuznach combine. Rich in tradition, the Spa offers a wide variety of health benefits for a broad spectrum – from prevention through rehabilitation and Kuraufenthtalte to a health retreat, especially in the case of the Suffering of the musculoskeletal system and rheumatism.

The extensive range of applications that you can use in combination with Radon Inhalation, includes, among other things, Physiotherapy, physiotherapy, massage, thermal healing water, healing earth, baths, exercise therapy, Sole-inhalations and wraps. About the possibilities, whether you can combine the ACURADON healing therapy with other medical services of the city of Bad Kreuznach, to advise you of the CRUCENIA health centre in the town of Bad Kreuznach Tel: 0671 83600150

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On the following pages to get all the information Remedies Radon, the Radon therapy and Expiry as well as the ACURADON healing in Bad Kreuznach.

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Patients report
I have been for some years good experience with the positive effect of radon therapy on my ailments (arthritis, Psoriasis) and in the last few years, the Radon Healing Tunnel in Bad Gastein in Austria and the Radon baths in Bad Brambach in the Vogtland met. Due to the uncomplicated use, I Kreuznach was the first time in the bathroom. And it is actually just as easy to take the therapy to the agreed date, as in the prospectus announced. No Waiting, no preparation time - it starts immediately and you spend the therapy hour in a relaxed atmosphere in the radon tunnel. The staff, especially the very friendly, helpful and understanding woman m. it should be mentioned, are very keen to accompany your stay is as comfortable as possible. In addition, the tunnel is only a few minutes walk from the hotel in the middle of the resort, right on the Hiking and Cycling trail (very well developed and signposted). I'll definitely be back. Thank You!
Gabriele Bitterlich
in June of 2021
Pain therapy in Germany's only radon healing tunnel

Finally Pain-Free,
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For over 100 years
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