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The natural healing forum Wiesbaden and Elmar H. Willebrand invite you to the Online lecture on
Tuesday, 03. November 2020 from 19:00 to 20:30 PM.

Information for participation, you can find below!

For over 100 years, the natural gas Radon helps patients with chronic pain of the joints, neurology, and skin. Chronic pain is one of the most common diseases in the world. At the same time, these have a particularly high level of pressure on patients, because drugs can often provide only temporary relief and in the mountains, in the case of long-term application of large risks of unwanted side effects.

Since a cure is often not possible, but, at best, a relief or delay in the course of the disease, to the chronically Ill, in time, a long-term concept, consider how you want the Rest of your life to deal with it. The lecture explains how the radon therapy this is a very simple and relaxing
Way off the beaten track of the duration of the medication to achieve long-term pain relief, a return to a normalized life. The radon therapy is not a Spa treatment,
but a medically indicated, radiation-therapeutic treatment, the need for a medical prescription.

The lecture will focus on the aspects of the application and mode of action, as well as the scientific research on the topic of low-dose radon treatment, including all
Myths surrounding the stimulus word Radon. An exciting subject, which is not only aimed at Sufferers and their partners.
After the talk, the opportunity for individual questions is sufficient.

So you can take part free of charge on the Online lecture:

From the well-known reasons, this year's natural healing forum Wiesbaden is held exclusively online. But it's by no means a disadvantage. Maybe it is for some of them, for the first Time that you come up with this new Medium in contact. You will see, it also has search quite a number of advantages: No Parking, free entry, no arrival and departure, and much more. You will see, we will make a virtue out of necessity.

For all that Zoom already know: you know what to do, the access data, please refer to the following. For all the newbies, here are the short instructions:

  1. Participation with access to the Internet

a A mobile phone, a Laptop or a PCLogin with the following credentials and you will have access to image and sound. You can ask questions by clicking lifting on the yellow Button "Hand".

Join the Zoom meeting by the THIS Link click. As soon as the connection to the ZOOM meeting is, please enter the following access code in the appropriate queries:

Session or Meeting ID: 844 8500 6432
Identification code: 941600

The Link does not work, because you have deactivated e.g., automatic Links, copy the following blue underlined LINK, complete with all (!) Characters

and paste this in your Browser. After that, the access data as described above to enter.

  1. 2. Participation without Internet access

If you do not have stable access to the Internet or, for example, from the car to the conference want to listen to, a normal Fixed-line phone or a mobile phone (without Internet access). In this case, no image, but the tone of the event is, of course, available. You can follow the event and even ask questions. Simply call the following Frankfurter landline phone number

Tel: 069-7104-99-22
(Zoom Conference Phone, Frankfurt, Germany)

Wait for the automatic prompts and enter the relevant queries to the above access code. Once you are connected, you can hear what the Moderator or other participants to say and even personally ask questions.

  • Do I have to sign before?

No, you do not need any prior registration, you can unlock simply comfortable (if possible, not later than 10 minutes prior to the start of the conference). Please test the same access to the best now, so that we can help you in the event of any access problems in a timely manner prior to the start of the event.

  • Can I give my access code?

Yes, you can give the information to friends, relatives or other third parties, which may have an interest in the lecture, more.

  • What are the costs?

The participation is free of charge for you. Besides the normal connection of your personal landline or mobile phone provider, there is no additional charge.

  • Please note:

The conference is protected by copyright. A record, other reproduction or other exploitation is exclusively reserved for the owner of the right AccuMeda Management GmbH.

For technical questions, please send an Email to:

For questions regarding the conference, please contact the organizer: natural healing forum Wiesbaden Manfred Stoll tab: 0170-5622946 or 0611-87240

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