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"The Timing is good!": Historical exhibition are Radon and Sole opened in time for the 200-year-old Spa-anniversary

On 24. In may 2017, the new historical exhibition "Radon and Sole" in the fountain hall of the Historic kurmittelhaus Bad Münster am Stein first opened its doors to the Public.

The exhibition offers an exciting journey into the history of the Radon - bath therapy in the Spa towns of Bad Kreuznach and Bad Münster am Stein. Two display cases, fitted with existing objects and archive material, and five columns with texts and historical images, the story of the two bathrooms to life. A sixth Stele represents the reference to the present; it presents the current offer of radon therapy.

Disturbances by Dr. Jöckel Kreuznach stresses the importance of radon therapy for rheumatology and for the Spa bath.

Possible, the exhibition was due to the tireless commitment of Dr. Hans H. Wilhelm, the connoisseur and long-term engine of radon therapy in Bad Kreuznach disturbances by Dr. Hans Jöckel, the former city mayor of Bad Münster Stefan Köhl, the editor in chief Fred Lex and the managing Director of the health and tourism GmbH, Dr. Michael Vesper. It was funded exhibition by the Kuna Foundation, with the support of the current operator of the radon tunnel, the AccuMeda Holding.

"The Timing is good," the chief citizens, mostly of Bad Kreuznach in your greeting in the solemn opening of the exhibition. Finally, you Kreuznach celebrate in 2017, 200 years of Spa bathroom. She was thrilled by the result, which had its roots, so to speak, in terms of creativity, Togetherness, and perspective, and thanked the Initiator Dr. Wilhelm, the drive of the project "again and again, no matter how high the hurdles were".


Learn here more about the historic Spa house in Bad Münster am Stein.

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