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ACURADON Reha-Forschungspreis 2017Christian Lang, a doctoral student at the University of Mainz, has been shown by a study that radon therapy causes an additional positive effect on the success of Rehabilitation in people with ankylosing spondylitis. With this study, he has won this year's rehabilitation research award, sponsored by the economic development of the district of Bad Kreuznach.

Under the supervision of the Medical Director Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Schwarting, and one of the doctor Dr. med. Konstantinos Triantafyllias from the ACURA rheumatology center of Rhineland-Palatinate has studied Christian for the impact of multi-modal therapy on the success of Rehabilitation in people with chronic inflammatory rheumatic disease ankylosing spondylitis.
He was able to show through his research, that a three-week multimodal Rehabilitation in patients with ankylosing spondylitis causes a significant reduction of disease activity, mobility limitation, and disability. The Rehabilitation to make a difference, even with already advanced disease in a significant improvement, but even the majority of the already incapacitated patients identified have and give to the part in the work.

In addition, the influence of radon therapy in the bathroom cross has been studied in the context of the study, cure, radon great, by a group of patients in addition to the multi-modal rehabilitation programme of great sessions in the Radon perceived. The radon therapy could not limitation, an additional positive effect on the disease activity, mobility, and functional limitation. Particularly evident in the significantly higher pain reduction was, however, in the group with radon therapy. 13% of the patients after multimodal Rehabilitation plus radon therapy even to the pain.


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One thought on “Reha-Forschungspreis: Radontherapie verstärkt den Effekt einer multimodalen Reha

  1. This makes me very happy! I can confirm this positive effect of radon therapy with all my heart! For the past 27 years, I'm a year my
    4-week course of radon therapy in the radon Kreuznach great in the bathroom. I'm ankylosing spondylitis diagnosed since 1990, and my gained quality of life due to the enormous pain relief is just priceless! Thank you for the
    tireless research for decades!

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